All things rail! Aeronology unveils new platform Rail Tickets

All things rail! Aeronology unveils new platform Rail Tickets

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Aeronology has again powered up as a post-COVID ‘rebounder’ with the announcement of more great news for travel advisors with the fast-rising travel technology company launching Rail Tickets, a modern, fast and seamless new online rail booking application to put travel agents worldwide on the right track in their recovery period and beyond.

The launch of the Rail Tickets application has been custom designed for travel advisors, starting with Britain and Europe point-to-point bookings, country rail passes, as well as the immensely popular Europe wide Eurail Rail Pass. Travel agents will be able to book all rail within Europe via Aeronology’s travel portal online and instantly, as well as being able to include booking mark-ups or fees.

“Booking rail through our application portal is as easy as booking a flight,” Aeronology CEO Russell Carstensen says. “It’s important, really, it should have always been this easy. The days of waiting on the phones for hours to do a simple point to point booking and make absolutely no money is over: the travel advisor can now pull all their rail into their itinerary at a click of a button, and mark the price up as they wish all on one screen. Now rail becomes an additional and very important product for travel advisors, who can now put it back into their ‘sell kit’ and make very good money on it. The market is desperate for this.”

The application will go live globally in the second half of this year in anticipation of the international border openings in 2022. The first stage rollout will include all European Rail, as well as Britain and Eastern Europe. The next stages will include USA’s Amtrak, Canada Rail, Japan, South Korea and China Rail services which will be introduced over a short period. It will also implement ‘all things rail’ over the next 12 months, including airport rail, great rail journeys of the world, plus pure sightseeing rail. The intention is also to expand Ferry services as part of the application. Instant bookings are via E Tickets.

“We plan to embed Rail Tickets into every application we have so Rail will be part of the travel advisor’s sales process, even with wholesale airfares,” the CEO adds.

A recent study suggests that because international rail travel offers an ‘environmentally friendly’ alternative to flying and because tourists are more likely to favour destinations closer to home due to fears of flying and ever-changing restrictions on international travel, rail travel will likely experience a boom post-pandemic.

The post All things rail! Aeronology unveils new platform Rail Tickets appeared first on Travel Daily.

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