JML 3 في 1 وسادات سفر قابلة للتحويل للرقبة, دعم رأس فائق النعومة مع قناع العين وسدادات الأذن للأعمال, مطار…

100% Polyester
3 في 1 MultifunctionWhether you are flying on an airplane or driving on the road, this neck pillow is the perfect travel accessory and companion. Great for traveling by bus, train and taking a nap at school or office. You can use it when lounging at home or watching TV on a sofa. At any time, this travel pillow will allow the most comfort and stability for the entire scenes.
360° Neck SupportThe flow able Microbeads are moderate to the human body curve, adjust for the perfect 360 degree support whether your head leans left, right, or tends to fall forward.

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